Mon, Mar 27, 2023

Under social welfare the company sponsors and encourages employees to join various sports activities for health benefits. Sports at INDENI include Football, Golf, Boxing, Volleyball, Tennis, Bowling, Squash and Darts.

The game has been there since the Refinery was opened. What used to be a social game for employees has turned out to be highly competitive sport and the INDENI Man’s Football team is currently among the top teams in division 1 FAZ league. On the other hand INDENI has also continued to promote management football.

INDENI is also sponsoring the INDENI Roses Football Team, the women team is currently the Northern region champions.

INDENI Amateur boxing was the powerhouse for Copperbelt Boxing Association and has greatly contributed boxers to the Zambia National Team.

INDENI has had the best team at National Level having dominated and winning National tournaments in the late 80s and early 90s. They are now the current champions for

This is a social game played by INDENI employees. The teams have been dominating the Ndola District Darts League.