Mon, Mar 27, 2023


1. INDENI Refinery
- The products manufactured in the refinery are as the result of refining of crude. Crude is primary a liquid of widely vary chemical and physical properties.
The principal element in crude is carbon and hydrogen arranged as hydrocarbons also Sulphur, hydrogen, oxygen and water.
The main products from crude are white and black products. White products contain no Sulphur, the lightest among them being LPG.
The following is the list of products extracted from crude:
• LPG, Butane, Light gasoline, Heavy gasoline, Reformate, Special cut kerosene, Jet A1, Industrial kerosene, Illuminating kerosene, Low Sulphur gasoil, Automotive gasoil, fuel oil, MC30 and Bitumen.


INDENI Plants sector comprises of five main processing units:Topping, Hydrotreater, Reforming, Vacuum and Asphalt. read more

This is the Primary Unit and is the process flow from Tank to main Column whilst Secondary is from vessel to storage.Crude from Tazama is stored in crude storage tanks. From Tanks crude is pumped into Primary Topping Unit.It is pumped in series of heat exchangers to desalter (removes salt from crude), up through to vessel (where impurities like iron chloride, sodium are removed) and passes through Heat exchangers to Furnace for preheating.In Furnace a mixture of liquids and hydrocarbons are flashed in a zone. Themain column flashes blacks below and whites upwards. Stripping streams is added to the column to heat the products further so that white is pushed upwards.

- Hydrotreating is the process of removing sulphate, Nitrogen and oxygen compound from the Overheads by reacting with hydrogen.
- The unit remove Sulphur, compounds, nitrogen,olefins and other organic – metallic compounds

- Secondary unit starts from vessel which collects Lighter products from Hydrotreater. This unit stripes, stabilizes and slipes products before sending them to storage.

- This unit produces Bitumen. The feed for the Unit comes either from storage or from Topping as Residue.

The Utilities is the main source of process heat and steam.The unit manages and maintain the refinery Boilers, Water and Wastewater. The Utilities Area (steam, condensate, electricity and chemical additives) is one key area that can slowdown the entire refinery, thus reliable operations in this area are a must.
- Boiler Unit:Multi-Fuel Boiler solution optimizes boiler operations by minimizing steam header pressure deviations and maximizing the combustion of less expensive fuels. The solution increases boiler efficiency by reducing the level of combustion air while meeting all emission constraints.

- Water and Wastewater: This is a water treatment, and wastewater treatment area which provides water to the process.

Work in conjunction with deliveries and pump house. MOP Information depends on level indicators or physical dipping and also depend on quantity of the product in the tank. Units of measurement are either in volume or weights. MOP products can be transferred from one tank to other if there is need. This is only done when instructions are given to transfer certain amount of product to the other for blending or when the tank is full. The volume of the product in the tank after any transfer is ascertained by getting the level from tank through Automated Tank Gauging (ATG) system.